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Director's Note

"As a third-generation Filipino American, my own Lola - the matriarch of my family who I’ve lived with my entire life - is the grounding force that ties me to my cultural identity. When writing "Lahi", I sought to explore the question: what happens when this force no longer exists? This project is semi-autobiographical and highly personal, but simultaneously harps on universal, relatable themes."   - Reina Bonta 


On the Lahi Crew and Family

Nearly 100% of our crew are local to Hawai'i

1 in 4 identify as Native Hawaiian 

1 in 2 identify as Asian American Pacific Islander

1 in 2 identify as women

Projects that our experienced, local crew members have been a part of include: 


  • Waikiki

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Kong: Skull Island

  • Jurassic World

These experienced crew members were able to act as Kūpuna - honored elders - on-set and passed down their knowledge to younger crew members who blossomed as they stepped into new roles.


  • Lost

  • Hawaii 5-0

  • NCIS: Hawaii

  • Magnum P.I.

Mana maoli

"Lahi" has partnered with Mana Maoli, a local Hawaiian 501(c)3 organization which focuses on engaging and providing accessible, diverse education for young people on island. With the amazing support of this unique organization as our fiscal sponsor, donations made to "Lahi" are not only tax-deductible, but also go towards serving the children of Hawai’i.

what now?

"Lahi" has secured a non-exclusive streaming agreement with Electric Entertainment and is in the process of submitting this film to an array of prestigious film festivals - both locally and world-wide. Follow along here and via social media outlets to be notified of new selections.

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